Schedule for Mains Test Series 2018

Test No 1 Modern History of India 31-Jan
Test No 2 Indian Polity and History 2-Feb
Test No 3 Indian Polity 4-Feb
Test No 4 Indian economy 6-Feb
Test No 5 Geography of India 8-Feb
Test No 6 science and technology 10-Feb
Test No 7 Indian culture 12-Feb
Test No 8 Current events of national and international importance 14-Feb
Test No 9 Statistical analysis, graphs and diagrams.  16-Feb
Test No 10 International Relations 18-Feb
Test No 11 Hindi 20-Feb
Test No 12 Essay 22-Feb
Test No 13 Paper 1 Complete 24-Feb
Test No 14 Paper 2 Complete 26-Feb
Test No 15 Paper 1 Complete 28-Feb
Test No 16 Paper 2 Complete 2-Mar
Test No 17 Paper 1 Complete 4-Mar
Test No 18 Paper 2 Complete 6-Mar
Test No 19 Paper 1 Complete 8-Mar
Test No 20 Paper 2 Complete 10-Mar
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